• often ask others to repeat themselves
  • many people seem to be mumbling
  • the TV or radio is too loud for others
  • have trouble following group conversations
  • have a ringing or buzzing from the ears
Authorized Dealer : Bernafon Lakeland Hearing services and repairs most makes and models of hearing aids.

Think about how much you rely on your hearing in a day.

We listen when we drive, go to the bank, converse with our families, talk on the phone, play with our animals, and follow what our doctors tell us, among many other things.

When we are unable to hear correctly we miss the punch line of jokes, and stay away from social situations because we’re tired of asking three times what the person said, or answering questions opposite to what we would truly answer and overall just finding day to day life more frustrating.

This said, it still takes most people 6-10 years before they seek help. People even knowingly place themselves into environments that will damage their hearing without wearing hearing protection. It's not a problem that occurs instantly, and most people don't worry about the effects that the decisions they make today will have them in the future. Hearing aids are a solution, but they should not be chosen over maintaining natural hearing. Nothing can compare to natural hearing and the longer one can keep it, the better.

Lakeland Hearing Aid Centre is a locally-owned business,
serving Alberta's Lakeland Region for over 10 years.
We offer the latest technology at affordable prices.

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